I will assist you in cases where you need to make a claim in court or, on the contrary, to defend yourself against the action brought. I have significant experience in representing clients in out-of-court negotiations and litigation proceedings. When choosing a suitable strategy, I use the experience gained over the years in courtrooms.

When resolving disputes for the client, I will ensure in particular:

  • legal consultations to prevent the occurrence of a dispute;
  • thorough analysis of the facts and evidence situation;
  • risk assessment of client´s legal status;
  • preparation of a procedural strategy;
  • assistance in defining and securing of evidence;
  • consultation in the preparatory stages of dispute resolution as well as during the ongoing procedure;
  • representation of client in out-of-court dispute resolution, preparation of a settlement agreement;
  • preparation of applications (pre-litigation reminder, action, statement, complaint, claim, motion, remedy, appeal, application for an urgent and precautionary measure, etc.);
  • participation in hearings;
  • representation in proceedings before the arbitration court.


JUDr. Marek Kundrát represented STRABAG PaIS in court and administrative proceedings managed by STRABAG PaIS or in proceedings initiated by third parties against STRABAG PaIS. He always represented the best interest of the company, acted efficiently, responsibly, and reliably, while providing legal services, he demonstrated logical and analytical thinking, as well as flexibility.

Ing. Martin Volčko, executive director, STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo, s.r.o.

“JUDr. Marek Kundrát represented our company in litigations. He always provided legal services with high quality and responded promptly to the company’s needs and the procedural development of litigations. He has always ambitiously represented the interest of the company and acted actively, efficiently, responsibly and reliably.”

Dipl. Ing. M.M., executive director of company J*, LLC, certified manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive, electronic and industrial market

“Dr. Kundrát provided us with legal services professionally, flexibly and reliably. In finding the optimal solution for our company, he considered our requirements and reacted promptly to the changing procedural development of litigation. He always represented the interest of the company, while acting independently, creatively and responsibly.”

M.K., executive director of company M* B*, LLC, brokering activities in the field of trade

“I used legal services of JUDr. Marek Kundrát in a long-running litigation with Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s. Thanks to his professional ability, commitment and persistence, I won the dispute and was recognized as entitled to unpaid debt and adequate financial compensation. I definitely recommend him to other potential clients and thank him for the provided services and legal assistance.”

A.V., individual