I also provide advice to individuals in the field of civil law, particularly in the field of real estate law. If necessary, I will draft a contract for you or comment on the contract submitted by the counterparty.

I have experience in drawing up various types of contracts, such as reservation contracts, preliminary purchase agreements, sales contracts (apartment, house, land), rental contracts, contracts for works, contracts for the settlement of share-based ownership and joint property, loan agreements, settlement agreements, recognitions of debt, as well as other legal documents (easements, right of liens, etc.).

The legal advice provided includes in particular:

  • analysis of legal relationships and risks related to the acquisition of real estate;
  • preparation of, creation of and commenting on contracts in the field of the purchase and sale of real estate (reservation contract, binding letter of intent, purchase contract, donation agreement, barter agreement);
  • representation in cadastral proceedings;
  • consulting services for property rights (easements, right of liens, etc.) and rights of third parties;
  • drafting of a contract for work, association agreement;
  • settlement of share-based ownership and joint property;
  • drafting of a loan agreement, settlement agreements, debt recognition etc.;
  • advice on property renting – land, buildings, flats and business premises (rental
  • representing clients in litigations and in extrajudicial negotiations.


“JUDr. Marek Kundrát led me through the whole process of establishing a non-profit organization without any hesitation. Expertise, reliability, helpful approach, clearly defined and met timetable, quality output, fair price. These were the fundamental attributes of our cooperation.”

Kristina Jenčíková, director of the non-profit organization AI for Slovakia, n.o.

“We have used services of attorney Mr. Kundrát multiple times, both in the field of commercial law and in civil litigation. Communication with him has always been on a very professional level. We can therefore only recommend him. A person this educated and humane should be respected nowadays.”

P.O., Svätý Jur

“We have used legal and consulting services of JUDr. Marek Kundrát repeatedly when buying real estate. Thanks to his observations and comments, we avoided possible complications that would result from unfavorably formulated contracts offered by the other party. For his professional and human approach, we will definitely contact him again if necessary.”

M.A. a E.A., Sečovce

“I appreciate the quality of work of your law firm, both the human and the professional approach. If necessary, I will definitely use your services again and I highly recommend it.”

J.N., Bratislava

“I used JUDr. Marek Kundrat´s legal services several times. One of those was the purchase of real estate, which is an exhausting process. It was reassuring to know that, as far as the legal area was concerned, I was able to rely on him fully. Mr. Kundrat reviewed and commented on my purchase agreement and his calm and patient approach, professional communication, and attention to detail suited me very much and ultimately made the whole process more pleasant. If I need legal help in the future, I will definitely turn to him again.”

I.S., Bratislava

“Thanks to JUDr. M. Kundrát we avoided to unfavorably drafted sale contracts when we were selling our property. Thanks!”

S.L., Košice

“We used legal services of JUDr. Marek Kundrát when we were buying real estate. As we had no experience with a similar process, his professional advice and contract revisions were irreplaceable to us, especially when buying the first one. Thanks to him, the transaction went smoothly. Due to the helpful approach, professionalism, expertise and prompt response to our requests, we repeatedly used services of Mr. Kundrát and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional legal help.”

R.K and V.K., Bratislava

“Whenever we need to draft a contract or verify submitted draft of a contract, we always turn to JUDr. Marek Kundrát.”

I.L., Bernolákovo

“JUDr. Kundrát was representing us in the sale of our apartment. As we live in the US, we needed a professional who would communicate well and handle the matter efficiently, honestly and discretely. Mr. Kundrát handled the whole business with competence and we could not ask for more. JUDr. Kundrát exceeded our expectations.”

L.P and T.P., Charlotte, USA