Throughout my professional life, I have provided legal services and advice to various companies and individuals, primarily in the area of business and civil law.

When providing my services, I give emphasis on expertise, reliability, and discretion, in order to transform client’s requirements into adequate legal assistance. Clients appreciate my constructive attitude to problem solving and responsible approach.

During my career I have been providing legal services to many leading companies, mainly in energy and construction sectors (see Reference), within the territory of the Slovak Republic, but also abroad, during negotiations with their business partners.

For several years I worked as an inhouse lawyer for the Swiss investment company Horizon21, as well as for the international construction group – STRABAG. Currently I provide services as independent attorney registered in the List of lawyers maintained by the Slovak Bar Association.

years of experience



I provide professional services to clients with respect to their individual needs in Slovak and English language.



Focusing on comprehensive legal support for clients during business negotiations and adjustment of related contractual relationships.



Advice to individuals in the field of civil law, particularly in the field of real estate law.



In cases where you need to make a claim in court or, on the contrary, to defend yourself against the action brought.



“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Marek Kundrát for advice and assistance in drafting and commenting on several contracts that we needed to solve urgently in the company. In a short period of time, he prepared contracts for us and personally went through the individual amendments to the contracts with us. We are extremely satisfied. Seriousness, expertise and a human approach are the main reasons why we will work together for a long time. We can only recommend.”

All references from business law
A.L., executive director of company I* LLC, specialized in design, reconstruction and interior works

“I appreciate the quality of work of your law firm, both the human and the professional approach. If necessary, I will definitely use your services again and I highly recommend it.”

All references from civil law
J.N., Bratislava

“JUDr. Marek Kundrát represented our company in litigations. He always provided legal services with high quality and responded promptly to the company’s needs and the procedural development of litigations. He has always ambitiously represented the interest of the company and acted actively, efficiently, responsibly and reliably.”

All references from litigation
Dipl. Ing. M.M., executive director of company J*, LLC, certified manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive, electronic and industrial market


During the initial consultation (duration of up to 1 hour), I will get acquainted with the basic aspects of your problem and will assess the options for solving it. Subsequently, in case of your interest in legal services, we will agree on the amount of the remuneration.

I provide legal services for compensation pursuant to the Public Notice of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. on Remunerations and Compensations of Attorneys for Providing Legal Services.

The type and amount of remuneration for legal services depends on the circumstances of the specific case and is determined by mutual agreement between the client and attorney, depending on the professional and time requirements of the legal service provided.

Remuneration for legal services can be agreed in the following ways:

  • hourly fee (according to the number of hours needed to provide legal services)
  • flat fee (for completing the case or for a certain period of time, usually a month)
  • proportion fee (share (up to the statutory limit of 20%) in the value of the case)
  • tariff fee (according to the number of performed operations, type and value of the case)