Throughout my professional life, I have provided legal services and advice to various companies and individuals, primarily in the area of business and civil law. For several years I worked as an inhouse lawyer for the Swiss investment company Horizon21 as well as for the international construction group – STRABAG. Recently, I have decided to provide services again as the independent attorney registered in the List of lawyers maintained by the Slovak Bar Association.  I mainly focus on business law with specialization in comprehensive legal support for contract negotiations and contract proposals. Moreover, I deal with the analysis of legal problems, as well as with the representation of companies at courts or against public authorities. I also provide legal advice in the area of civil law and I have significant experience with the litigation agenda. While providing my services, I give an emphasis the expertise, reliability and discretion, in order to transform the client’s requirements into adequate legal assistance. Clients appreciate my constructive attitude to problem solving and an outstandingly responsible approach.




Master of Laws, LL.M (Brno International Business School)

2016 – 2017

Seminars focused on FIDIC (Red book, Yellow book, claims) organized by the Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers (SACE)


listed as an independent attorney in the List of lawyers maintained by the Slovak Bar Association


Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (Master’s and Doctor’s degree)

Foreign Languages

I provide clients with professional services with respect to their individual needs in Slovak and English language.


I provide legal services in the Slovak Republic, according to the client´s needs, particularly in the following areas:

Business law

  • comprehensive legal counselling with contract drafting, commenting on submitted drafts and participation on business negotiations with my clients´ current or future business partners;
  • legal analyses and opinions for clients;
  • preparation, creation and commenting on legal documents;
  • preparation, creation and commenting on sample documentation;
  • representing clients in litigations as well as in extrajudicial negotiations.

Civil law

  • legal analyses and opinions for clients;
  • preparation, creation and commenting on contracts and legal documents;
  • preparation of contracts for real estate purchase and sale;
  • consulting services for property rights (easements, right of liens, etc.) and rights of third parties;
  • advice on property renting – land, buildings, flats and business premises;
  • representing clients in litigations and before public authorities;
  • representing clients in extrajudicial negotiations.


  • a thorough analysis of the facts and evidence situation;
  • risk assessment of the client´s legal status;
  • preparation of a procedural strategy;
  • consultation in the preparatory stages of the resolution of the dispute as well as during the ongoing procedure;
  • representation of the client in out-of-court dispute resolution, the preparation of a settlement agreement;
  • preparation of applications (reminder before court action, action/complaint, claims, motion, remedies).


I used Marek’s legal services several times. One of those was the purchase of real estate, which is an exhausting process. It was reassuring to know that, as far as the legal area was concerned, I was able to rely on Marek fully. Marek reviewed and commented on my purchase agreement and his calm and patient approach, professional communication, and attention to detail suited me very much and ultimately made the whole process more pleasant. If I need legal help in the future, I will definitely turn to Marek again. (I.S.)

Our company used legal services of Mr. Kundrát within the process of setting up a limited liability company in Slovakia. Since the very beginning he provided us with comprehensive legal overview, and I would like to stress that he always patiently answered many of our questions. Thanks to him whole process was successfully managed. (I.C. executive director of company D*, LLC)

JUDr. Kundrát was representing us in the sale of our apartment. As we live in the US, we needed a professional who would communicate well and handle the matter efficiently, honestly and discretely. Mr. Kundrát handled the whole business with competence and we could not ask for more. JUDr. Kundrát exceeded our expectations. (L.P. and T.P.)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Marek Kundrát for advice and assistance in drafting and commenting on several contracts that we needed to solve urgently in the company.
In a short period of time, he prepared contracts for us and personally went through the individual amendments to the contracts with us. We are extremely satisfied. Seriousness, expertise and a human approach are the main reasons why we will work together for a long time. We can only recommend. (A. L. director of company I* LLC)

I use Marek Kundrát’s services regularly, as I was convinced at the beginning of his highly professional and discreet approach. He still managed to help us very quickly with various services – from the establishment of a civic association, limited liability company, business conditions for the e-shop, as well as with various types of contracts. That is why I will use his services and especially recommend it to others interested in legal services. (T. F.)

I used legal services of JUDr. Marek Kundrát in a long-running litigation with Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s. Thanks to his professional ability, commitment and persistence, I won the dispute and was recognized as entitled to unpaid debt and adequate financial compensation. I definitely recommend it to other potential clients and thank him for the provided services and legal assistance. (A.V.)

JUDr. Marek Kundrát provided legal advice to our company mainly in the contractual agenda. He drafted legal analyses and opinions; prepared, drafted and commented on contracts and legal documents; provided legal advice on the implementation of international projects and BIDSF projects (The Bohunice International Decommissioning Support Fund), participated in the preparation, creation and commenting of sample working documentation and internal guidelines (work regulations, guidelines in the field of occupational safety and others) and also participated in business negotiations, communicated with business partners and public authorities
In providing legal services, he demonstrated logical and analytical thinking, as well as the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. He always represented the interest of the company and acted according to the needs of the company, responsibly and reliably. (Ing. A.M., Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of J *, a.s.)


I provide legal services for compensation pursuant to the Public Notice of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. on Remunerations and Compensations of Attorneys for Providing Legal Services.

Remuneration for legal services can be arranged in the following ways:

  • hourly fee (according to the number of hours)
  • flat fee (for the case or for a certain period of time, usually a month)
  • proportion fee (share (up to the statutory limit of 20%) on the value of things)
  • tariff fee (according to the number of performed operations, the type and value of the case)


The type and amount of remuneration for legal services depends on the circumstances of the case and is determined by mutual agreement between the client and attorney.